Hello, my name is Pawel Borowski and at this time I work on Solar Family Entertainment.

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I love to create new projects outside of my work. This time my new vision is the Solar Family Entertainment. Inspired by my wonderful children.

This time I took a chance Creating A wonderful story enjoyed at any age. For me it is a big undertaking to move this project.

We care about the concept. Because the Solar family Entertainment at a later stage of development will take care of the use of waste plastic.

I want to start from the beginning to bring the story, a concept that will give the development of the whole saga.

I chose to self-publish The first book of Solar Family titled ''Star Box'' I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in and will be collecting pre-orders for the book. If you choose to participate, you will not only be purchasing the book, you'll become an important part in making this book a reality.

Thank you so much so far for your overwhelming support. I could not have done it without you!