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Solar Family

A thousands of years back, it all originated.

Significance of revolving stars, moon and different worldshad it not been emerged if the big bang hadn’t happened. But it did and so does the creation of the whole solar family. Since that uncertain bang which took place in galaxy, the solar system has been in continuous run. It is now known as, “The Galaxy System. This system holds enormous stars, black holes and a never-ending sea, covering objects inside it just like a bed-sheet – named as “The Sky”. Velvety blued sky – wrapping its arms around the whole system, watching the days and nights occur – under its surveillance.

Human species – the breathing creatures, they live within the Solar System. But not so explicitly like flying in the zero gravity. They, first “Humans” coming from the planet jupiter – which is in the Solar System. So technically, Human species Is born on jupiter. Now deserted and overflowing with toxic clouds, there is no room for anyone. It is not possible that someone can live there in peace.

Possessing their existences within planet Earth, they’re planet’s creation and ancestors of the Jupiter.
Within the planets – what occurs is a complete different story. Solar Family, the book reflects more about what emerges in the solar system.


Solar Family is the story in what circumstances the earth has become our home.

Sun and the objects which revolve around it. Solar Family is about asteroids, comets and planets.
Unusually unique and attractive – Solar Family has members,differing from one another. Each day, Solar Family undergoes new experiences.
Each day, it experiences births of newer members. These births are addition to the family, good news perhaps. Greater the quantity of the members is – stronger is the bondage of family.

But! Not every time, you expect good from every birth.

What if the emergence of any new creature in Solar Family, suspects danger in near future?Where there is life – there resides two aspects. One reflects “evil” while the other casts “the good”. And life could be termed in many ways. Not only are the humans, which possess life. Here, the entire Solar Family members are lively. They behold emotions and sentiments just as how the humans do. Solar Family contains all the nine planets within its system. One of the planets – Jupiter, where there reside two civilized rulers. They are the King and

Queen of Jupiter. They are the madcap saviors who ensure to serve safety to whatever that lives within Solar System.

Book 'The Orgin' is about family, born in Solar System.

The story bears the beginning of our civilization, and how the royal family struggled with adversity to become the head of course security of the entire universe. Wearing a powerful mystery that was hidden in a mysterious crystals. The King and Queen had to be separated to protect it against takeover by a very bad general who came from a distant galaxy.